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The hottest term in the distribution industry over the last few years is “Omni-Channel“.   What does this term really mean?  Is your business an Omni-Channel operation?  What does that mean to you and your operation?

First, let’s define what Omni-Channel means.  If you are a business that has multiple sales channels, for instance, a direct sales force selling to direct customers, wholesale customers that are acting as distributors of your products and also an B2C E-Commerce site, then you are an Omni-Channel distribution company.  Your customer can access your products and services regardless of the channel they choose to access them through.

Are you finding that your E-Commerce Business or E-Commerce Fulfillment for your major retailers is starting to gain in volume versus your traditional “big box” retail business, you are not alone.  What this often times means is that your number of orders is going up and you need to devise processes to handle the volume with speed and agility.

Does this sound the evolution of your business over the last two years?  It is a story that we are hearing across the globe, it is a revolution in distribution and retail.  You need to be able to respond and be ready as this revolution continues.  SAP  Business One and LISA Distribution Warehouse Management System (WMS) can help you position your operations to maximize your opportunity in this new and rapidly expanding marketplace.

One of our valued business partners, Ian Hobkirk – Managing Director of Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisors published the attached article in the latest version of Logistics Management Magazine.  It is a great read and can be helpful in providing some insight into what your peers in the distribution world are doing to conquer their Omni-Channel challenges. (If you have any trouble, navigate to page 48 – the article is there).

Article:  Key distribution strategies of TOP omni-channel retailers. Click here to read the article.

If you are interested in finding out how N’ware’s LISA WMS can help you with your Omni-Channel challenges or need assistance with optimizing your warehouse contact us.

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