LISA WMS for auto parts distributors

The Automotive Aftermarket is a highly competitive, razor thin margin world where efficiency in the execution of the inbound and outbound supply chain operation is critical. Implementing a real-time barcode, radio frequency base warehousing system is essential to be successful.

Barcode scanning in real time provides the instant visibility and availability required to meet the order fill rates and demands of the big box automotive retailers.  Efficiently processing stock through the complete inventory cycle leveraging agile real-time processing will help you maintain your supplier rating.

LISA WMS enables Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers to streamline their supply chain:

  • Using Manifest Management and Container tracking to gain visibility into inbound shipments and efficiently receive them into the warehouse upon arrival.
  • Implementing barcode scanning at the point of receipt to accurately record inventory and create instant availability.
  • Cross-docking inbound stock to sales orders to increase fill rates.
  • Tracking the movement and consumption of stock, including the serial numbers and lots through their life cycle in the warehouse.
  • Picking, packing, and shipping using directed activities to increase productivity and enhance traceability.
  • Creation of ASN data to integrate seamlessly with EDI transaction processing.

All of these tools can help you optimize your warehouse, increase your accuracy, reduce shipping errors and meet done rigors of this highly competitive industry.

Auto parts distribution

We have increased our capacity tenfold, by reducing our lead time from hours to minutes in our internet business and weeks to hours in our LTL business. SAP Business One and LISA WMS provided exactly what we needed and more at a very competitive price. Additionally we have added two new sales team members, to further grow our business by adding new customers. We are confident that this solution will support our growth plans.


David Wilhite, President
Neotek Corporation

WMS Success Story: Automotive Aftermarket

See for yourself how our customer, Neotek, has increased its warehouse productivity tenfold with LISA WMS for SAP Solutions