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Did you install an ERP solution that has barcode scanning features for your warehouse that was supposed to provide your organization with Warehouse Management?  Did It promise to make your inventory more accurate and improve the productivity of your warehouse team?  Are you suffering from post-implementation “blues” because you didn’t get what you expected from the implementation?

The reality is that most ERP solutions advertise Inventory Control and Warehouse Management as part of their core systems.   They usually allow for multiple bins, bar code scanning, pick ticket planning and perhaps bar code scanning for cycle/physical inventory counting.   These are the basic pieces of Inventory and Warehouse Management, but if you want to improve and optimize your warehouse performance, you need a true Warehouse Management System (WMS).

What is the difference between what is delivered through standard ERP Inventory and Warehouse Management and an actual Warehouse Management System?   A Warehouse Management System delivers more than just multiple bins and automating transactions through bar code scanning.   A Warehouse Management System will typically provide:

  • Warehouse configuration tools to optimize performance and space utilization
  • Embedded and configurable best practices
  • Directed Activities to improve productivity
  • Streamlined transaction processing
  • Transaction, lot/batch, and serialized track and trace
  • Integration with EDI platforms
  • Barcode label printing to assist with compliance for customer requirements
  • Repacking and Value Added Services
  • Freight Carrier Integration
  • Tight integration with your ERP solution

These are the tools to make your warehouse the highly optimized, nimble and cost-effective business tool that today’s business environment demands.  With an optimized warehouse, you can participate in this fast-paced, ever changing Omni-Channel world of distribution helps you reach more customers, increase your business volume and improve your profitability.

To learn more about what a full Warehouse Management Solution can provide, check our product page.
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