LISA WMS for Medical Devices Distributors

The Medical Device Industry requires efficient execution of its inbound and outbound supply chain operations. In addition, Medical Devices distributors need to maintain a high degree of traceability throughout the products’ lifecycle. Implementing a robust and integrated Warehouse Management System is essential  to meeting those requirements.

Accurately transacting part numbers that are often times only slightly different due to small configuration differences, requires the accuracy of barcode and scanning.  Efficiently capturing serial number and production lot/batch numbers and then tracking and tracing them through the complete inventory cycle requires agile real-time processing.

LISA WMS allows Medical Devices distributors to optimize their supply chain:

  • Achieve complete forward and backward product traceability with streamlined lot/serial numbers.
  • Increase orders accuracy and customer satisfaction with multiple validation levels along the order fulfillment process.
  • Comply to industry and customer requirements including the latest FDA regulations for tracking serialized lot-controlled drugs (pharmaceuticals) and medical devices.
  • Reduce manual errors and paper work with a WMS tightly integrated to your ERP system.
  • Gain real-time visibility and control over stock movements across all locations and warehouses.
  • Handle returns efficiently with integrated RMA management.
  • Connect to your customers in the digital world by integrating EDI, e-commerce or your Customer Portal to your warehouse operations.

LISA WMS will help Medical Devices Distributors gain inventory traceability, reduce shipping errors and increase customer satisfaction.

Medical devices distribution WMS

Novocure relies on SAP Business One and LISA WMS to efficiently move its inventory through our supply chain.  This provides up to the minute details on the location and status of each and every device within the enterprise.