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Following our recent webinar series presenting our new, simple, production data collection add-on, PDC-One, we would like to share with you the most common questions asked during our demonstration.  The following FAQ article is intended to provide a clear overview of PDC-One and answer key questions regarding its features, benefits and technicalities.

1. For what type of business is PDC-One suitable for?

PDC-One was designed for small and medium manufacturers that are looking to track production orders in real-time without the cost and complexity of a complete manufacturing add-on.

  • For actual SAP Business One clients: Clients continue to use SAP Business One Production Module, PDC-One only lays on top to provide tracking and automation. Due to its fast and simple implementation process, it does not require a big roll-out plan and will be implemented quickly with minimal (if any) disruption of the client’s operations.
  • For new SAP Business One clients: PDC-One is one of the best ways to increase the value proposition for a potential user. It is a cost-effective add-on that enhances SAP Business One Production Module with features that are often sought-after by manufacturing companies.

2. What devices can operators use to record their job status, workhours and material consumption?

PDC-One is a responsive, browser-based application that can be used on almost any device that enables web browsing. Here are a few common examples of devices typically used with PDC-One:

  • Industrial computer workstations (and regular computers)
  • Tablets and phones
  • Shop floor terminals

3. What information does PDC-One provide in SAP Business One?

PDC-One tracks, in real-time, work hours (per employee/ID), material consumption and quantities of finished goods. Data is easily accessible in SAP Business One and displayed with very visual dashboards, which give the users an at-a-glance overview of the production orders status.

Production data available in real-time:

  • SAP Business One production orders job status dashboard
  • Labor hour details per employee or production orders
  • Material consumption and goods produced quantities (tracking of lots & serial numbers)

4. Is it possible for an employee to log into multiple production orders at the same time?

Yes. As an example, if an operator has started a machine, while the machine is running, he is also able to log into another production order to do a quality check.

5. How are employees assigned to the resource in the production order BOM?

PDC-One is designed to leverage the SAP Business One Production Module. As such, this is a standard SAP Business One feature, that as you define a resource in a production order, you can use the employee tab to assign the resource to the right employee.

6. Is it possible to prioritize production orders with PDC-One?

No. PDC-One is a simple production add-on that focuses solely on manufacturing data collection and production order tracking.

7. Is it possible to correct work hours or material quantities once it has been entered?

Yes. For instance, if Jane forgot to punch in when she started the assembly for production order #XYZ, she can inform her manager, who will be able to easily adjust the time accordingly, directly through SAP Business One Production Order.

8. How does licensing work for PDC-One?

PDC-One is delivered under SaaS model only. The annual fee for a company is based on two different aspects:

  • Flat rate per 10 users pack
  • Flat rate per PDC-One terminal (reporting workstations on the shop floor)

As the pricing differs according to your location around the globe, we suggest that you contact your Channel Manager who will be able to share with you the appropriate price list and answer any other questions.

To learn more about PDC-One, visit the product’s page.

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