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N’ware is proud to announce the official release of PDC-One, the latest innovation to easily track manufacturing data against SAP Business One’s production orders. To mark the launch of this new product, we are hosting a series of 30-minute online demonstrations to show you how simple it can be to collect production data in real-time with SAP Business One.

See the dates and register here!

The simplest solution to gain real-time visibility over SAP’s production orders

By tracking production floor activities, PDC-One empowers operators to easily record their time, enter job status and material requirements against SAP’s production orders. Furthermore, PDC-One provides useful and accurate information in real-time to SAP Business One, providing better reports and improved decision-making.

Most importantly, PDC-One is a very straightforward application designed to be implemented in just a few hours (10-12 hours), which means you are up and running very quickly and with minimal disruption of your manufacturing activities.

To learn more about PDC-One’s features and benefits now visit PDC-One’s page, or register to our webinar series to see PDC-One in action!!

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