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Social Distancing in the Supply Chain with LISA WMS and PDC-One for SAP ERP

Aside from wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), and sanitization protocols, many small and medium businesses are asking what they can do to ensure the safety of their employees while maintaining the highest level of service for their clients.

Accordingly, our experts have prepared a series of webinars to demonstrate how supply chain add-ons such as LISA WMS and PDC-One can be of great help when enforcing physical distancing policies in a warehouse or manufacturing environment. SAP add-ons can help small and medium businesses implement recommended practices and maintain the highest level of service for their customers.

Here is a breakdown of how our SAP add-ons can help manufacturers and wholesale distributors practice physical distancing more successfully:

Social distancing on the production floor with PDC-One for SAP Business One:

  • Contactless timeclocks (punch in & out) and paperless timesheets
    • This allows employees to record worked hours, consumed materials, and job status against SAP Business One Production orders from a production terminal that can easily be sanitized between shifts.
  • Production order tracking dashboards
    • This allows any employee to view the status of current work orders directly in SAP (in a few clicks while working from home).
  • Track-back employee activities
    • In the case of infection, you can easily identify potential risks along the supply chain when employees are assigned to work on specific production orders.

Physical distancing in the warehouse with LISA WMS for SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign

  • Improved workers efficiency
    • For those businesses that are trying to manage an unprecedented surge in demand for vital products, improving operator efficiency can help meet spikes in demand allowing to extend shift-hours with the same workforce, or even compensate for absent workers.
  • Accelerated training with directed activities
    • Ramp-up newcomers faster with directed activities. They will be able to travel efficiently in the warehouse alone in just a few days and without being chaperoned by a senior employee, thus automatically practice social distancing.
  • Voice-picking and barcode scanners
    • Minimize contacts with tools, pick lists, and items while increasing overall efficiency, by providing personal headsets or scanners to operators that can be sanitized between shifts, if required.
  • Optimized material handling with cross docking
    • Reduce “risks” by eliminating useless stock movements in the warehouse with a cross docking approach that allows inbound shipments to be unloaded and immediately moved onto outbound transportation with as little storage time and manipulations as possible.

Obviously, complying with local government regulations can only be achieved through a comprehensive set of measures outside the scope of the sole business management software. Contact our experts to learn more about how our add-ons can help you achieve a safe work environment, comply with government regulations, and improve your overall supply chain efficiency.

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