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As the electronic commerce rises and enters a stage of maturity, while the traditional brick and mortar stores adapt and adopt a different role in the landscape, all sorts of solutions to tackle the e-commerce side are flourishing. Opportunities in this space are forcing companies to rethink their sales and distribution strategies.

Front-end solutions extend our businesses, allowing us to establish an online presence. Different marketing tools take us to the next level by expanding an online presence, providing the necessary visibility. However, there are logistical challenges to overcome…

Customer expectations are high and constantly changing. Clients demand instantaneous satisfaction and perfect order fulfillment. So, how can customer expectations be achieved? The key element is accurate information about product availability.

Accurate information about product availability can be achieved with the appropriate information technology tools, which must be working together in real-time. Therefore, having batches of information running every few minutes will simply provoke chaos.

How are e-commerce supply chains evolving? There is not a consensus regarding this critical question. However, the options to consider in the inventory management include:

  • Dedicated e-commerce warehouse.
  • Multi-channel warehouse with combined inventory (online versus traditional).
  • Multi-channel warehouse with separate inventory (online versus traditional).

There are 3 takeaways to consider while on the path of optimization of the supply chain for e-commerce:

  • Online integrated platforms: This is critical to have accurate information about product availability.
  • Prepare and adapt: Your facility and equipment need to incorporate best practices in terms of inventory management.
  • Adopt proper technology: Warehouse Management Systems can interact in real-time with the rest of your IT infrastructure and with integration capabilities to other solutions, API’s, and Business Intelligence tools to measure the key performance indicators.

Do you want to know more about how LISA WMS can help streamline your e-commerce supply chain? Let’s talk!

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