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LISA WMS allows us to receive all the containers coming from China, to show their content while transferring all items in real time between warehouses.


Oscar Jacobo,
Warehouse Operations Manager en MES Metrics Mexico

MES Metrics

A global partner to many OEMs in America, MES Metrics specializes in turnkey outsourcing solutions; manufacturing and distributing plastic, metal & aluminum components for industries such as aerospace, automotive, home appliances, furniture and computer hardware.

MES Metrics’ Mexican subsidiary (MES Metrics Mexico) began the search for a warehouse management software (WMS), because SAP Business One alone was unable to keep pace with the increasing volume of incoming and outgoing orders. They needed a fully integrated WMS that would extend SAP Business One’ functionality and could handle the more complex warehousing requirements needed by their current and future clients. The main challenge that the company was facing was that they were receiving daily containers shipments which had to be processed and turned into customer orders that would be shipped in just a few hours.

To fulfill their requirements, MES Metrics decided to partner up with N’ware Technologies for their SAP-Certified for SAP Business One add-on: LISA WMS. Taking advantage of LISA’s containers receiving, cross docking and shipping features, MES was able to streamline both the inbound and outbound supply chain, accelerating the order fulfillment process. Using bar code scanners and directed activities (put away/picking) enabled the warehouse employees to become much more productive and navigate easily through more than 3000 locations across the warehouse. Additionally, LISA provided an instant access to accurate information in real time allowing MES to track stock movements across the entire supply chain.

Confident that SAP Business One used in combination with LISA WMS will provide the power and scalability to support their growth, MES Metrics Mexico is planning to open five additional warehouses over the next five years.

Solution Highlights:

  • Simple and efficient container receiving process
  • Real-time visibility and traceability over stock movements
  • Accurate, trustworthy inventory levels.
  • Increased productivity of warehouse workers
  • SAP-Certified solution seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One

About MES Metrics Mexico

MES Metrics, Inc. is a full-service provider of global manufacturing and supply chain management services. Located in Apocada, Mexico, they have offices in Columbus (headquarters), India (Mumbai), China (Ningbo and Shenzhen), and Mexico. They help North American OEMs by managing the entire outsourced manufacturing process. Their mission is to deliver top-quality components in a timely and efficient manner, in order to reduce the client’s overhead in many areas.

They source manufactured components from India, China, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Malaysia, and maintain distribution centers in Ohio, California, Texas, Poland, and Mexico.

For more information about MES Metrics Mexico, visit their website here:


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