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Having the right information, allow us to really be more efficient in shipping the right product at the right place, at the right time.


Our ERP, SAP Business One is really the backbone of our operation.


And the integration between SAP Business One and LISA WMS is literally a bolt on.


Jean Cloutier,
Vice-President at Lanctôt

Lanctôt Ltee specializes in the sporting goods industry, specifically in 7 categories: Ski, Bike, Golf, Outerwear, Team Sports, Eyewear, and Fashion. They have been delivering premium brands to independent specialty dealers and major retailers from coast to coast for the past 65 years.

In past years, powerful companies like Amazon or Apple raised the standards regarding excellence in operations, which means retailers and customers now have high expectations. Lanctôt had to be sure to follow these standards and raise the bar. Already owning SAP Business One, the backbone of their operations, Lanctôt wanted to add a tool that would help them improve their logistics and operations in the warehouse. After some research, they found N’ware Technologies, which is an SAP Gold Partner with a specific solution for WMS that perfectly fits with SAP Business One.

After deploying LISA WMS with the help and support of N’ware Technologies, Lanctôt immediately saw a difference with their operations. They improved significantly, maximizing all processes. They now can pick orders, receive them faster, and get them out to the customer quicker. Teaming LISA WMS to SAP Business One was the best decision since it is a live system. Everything that happens in SAP Business One appears simultaneously in LISA WMS. It maximizes the process in the warehouse and Lanctôt continues to gain efficiency.

Finally, having the right information now allows them to excel in operations and to better adapt to current market demands.

‘’The integration between SAP Business One and LISA is literally a bolt on!’’

Solutions Highlights:

  • Real-time visibility over stock movements
  • Seamless integration with SAP Business One
  • Improved productivity of the overall supply chain from orders receiving, picking, and shipping
  • Increased customer satisfaction (faster and more accurate order fulfillment)

About Lanctôt Ltee

Since 1953, Lanctôt Ltee has been, family-run business that specializes in the distribution and production of premium sporting goods, apparel, and eyewear. The distribution and design expertise combined with their passion for sport is the foundation of our success. Lanctôt will continue to innovate, but the core belief remains the same.

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