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LISA WMS 24.1 introduces new and enhanced features including Picker Assignment, Pack & Ship, GS1 Products Label, Label Printing at Receiving, and Let Down Notifications. Read on to learn how this new LISA WMS version improves warehouse management, efficiency and control.

New Picker Assignment Feature

From the picking priorities page, it is now possible to assign a specific picker to a sales order, transfer request or work order. Once a picker has been assigned to a document, only the assigned picker will be able to complete the pick.

Benefits of the Picker Assignment:

  • Improved accountability and reporting accuracy: It allows warehouse managers to measure picker productivity, identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies, and implement continuous process improvements for better overall performance.
  • Order fulfillment efficiency: Picker assignment helps streamline the order fulfillment process by assigning pickers to specific orders or tasks based on various factors such as priority, warehouse locations, picker availability, and skill level.
  • Resource Optimization: Picker assignment assists in effective resource allocation by considering factors such as picker availability, workload balancing, and equipment utilization.

New Pack & Ship Mode

The Pack & Ship mode allows the user to combine the packing and shipping steps in one continuous workflow. When packing is completed, it can auto-transition to shipping or prompt the operator to choose the next step.

Benefits of the Pack & Ship mode:

  • Increased flexibility: Customize the process according to actual needs, adapting to changes in demand or workflow requirements.
  • Faster order fulfillment: By streamlining the packing and shipping process, orders can be processed and dispatched more quickly, meeting customer expectations for delivery time.

GS1 Product Label Creation

LISA WMS now allows the creation of GS1 Product Labels which can be applied to enhance the traceability of standard, batch, serialized, or FDA regulated products.

Benefits of the GS1 product label:

  • Supply chain compliance: The creation of GS1 product labels provides the toolset for businesses to fully comply with industry and governmental regulations.
  • Traceability and recall management aligned with GS1 standards: Enhanced ability to track and trace products throughout the supply chain with precision and efficiency, ensuring swift and accurate recall procedures when necessary.

Enhanced Product Label Printing at Receiving

LISA WMS now allows warehouse operators to specify the desired number of labels based on product, batch, or serial number.

Benefits of the Product label printing:

  • Process standardization and accuracy: The ability to specify label quantities based on product, batch, or serial enables accurate labeling during the receiving process.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Whether it’s industry-specific regulations or internal labeling guidelines, the ability to print labels according to product, batch, or serial enables compliance with labeling standards, ensuring consistency and accuracy in labeling practices.
  • Increased productivity: The precise label printing feature enhances productivity by eliminating manual calculations or adjustments for label quantities.

Let Down Notifications

The new Let Down Notifications feature provides real-time alerts to warehouse operators, enabling them to initiate replenishment processes in a timely manner.

Benefits of the let down notification:

  • Timely replenishment: Notifications for replenishments in the let down module enable timely action, ensuring that inventory levels are maintained to fulfill orders promptly.
  • Optimal stock levels: Staying informed about replenishment needs enables optimization of inventory levels, minimizing stockouts, and maximizing operational efficiency.
  • Resources optimization (reduced idle time):  The Let Down Notification feature helps minimize idle time for warehouse workers by providing them with timely alerts about replenishment needs.

Additional Improvements Included in LISA WMS 24.1:

  • Automatic disconnection of inactive users that have been inactive for an extended period of time to free up licenses and maximize system performance.
  • Enhanced user account security.


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