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LISA WMS for SAP Business One is back for newer and more exciting release 23.4! This update introduces functions like Group Packing, enhanced Warehouse Authorization Management, and a brand new Activity Log. Discover how these enhancements elevate warehouse management for increased efficiency and control.

Group Packing and Shipping

When multiple orders for the same customer are grouped together, it is now possible to pack and ship them as a group. Allowing for order consolidation during order fulfillment reduces the number of operations required during the packing and shipping process.

Benefits of the Group Packing and Shipping Feature

  • Enhanced efficiency: Consolidates orders into fewer shipments, reducing labor and handling.
  • Lower costs: Uses less packaging and benefits from reduced freight rates.
  • Greater sustainability: Decreases number of boxes and delivery miles for the same output.

Warehouse Authorization Management

Under the new Permission Management tab, managers can designate individual warehouses or zones that each permission group is authorized to use. By applying these restrictions, only the relevant operational areas will clutter individual workers’ screens. It eliminates confusion or mistakes from accessing unauthorized locations.

Managers similarly benefit from the ability to clearly define roles and warehouse assignments. Your team will be empowered to efficiently focus resources where they are needed most. Workflows stay tidy and on track through simplified limited access.

Benefits of the Warehouse Permission Tab:

  • Faster processing: Workers only see orders for their assigned area, avoiding wasting time searching.
  • Increased picking accuracy: Workers are less likely to pick from the wrong warehouse area by mistake.
  • Tailored workflows: Management can optimize processes based on the layout, inventory, and equipment in each area.

Activity Log

The Activity Log is a new feature designed to enhance operational oversight for warehouse and supply chain managers. LISA WMS’ Activity Log provides a detailed view of how operators use the system to execute their tasks in the warehouse.

For example, the exact time an operator logs in, when they start receiving a container, the time it takes to pick one or multiple orders, move an item from one bin to another, and so much more!

The log report can be found within the Employee Management Module under a new tab call Activity Log.

Benefits of the Activity Log Feature:

  • Training: The log creates a helpful way to train new users. They can retrace or shadow the steps of experienced users to learn the system.
  • Security: The log provides visibility into any unauthorized or suspicious access attempts.
  • Compliance: Activity logs provide documentation that is often required for compliance with regulations and standards. The logs show proof of processes being followed properly.
  • Tracking changes and troubleshooting: The activity log provides an audit trail of all actions taken in the WMS. This helps track who made what changes and when, and can be used to investigate what led to specific issues or errors.

Additional User Experience Improvements Included in LISA WMS 23.4:

  • License Plate Creation – Users can now create license plates directly in the inventory transfer module, streamlining workflows.
  • Cycle Count Cost View – A new column shows the total cost value of counted items, improving inventory analysis.
  • Automatic Receiving Remarks – New parameters allow remarks to populate automatically based on receipt conditions, saving time.

The improvements included in LISA WMS’ latest release only reinforce the commitment of our dedicated development team to continuously delivering best-in-class supply chain solutions that streamline warehouse operations, improve efficiency, and enhance overall profitability.


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