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In the world of warehouse management, staying ahead of the curve is crucial to meet the ever-evolving demands of the industry. As such, the LISA WMS R&D team is fully committed to delivering innovative solutions that streamline warehouse operations, improve efficiency, and enhance overall productivity. With that commitment in mind, we are happy to share the highlights of LISA WMS, Release 23.3.

New Bulk Picking Module

The first standout feature in our latest release is the all-new Bulk Picking Module. This module is designed to simplify and accelerate the order picking process by allowing operators to pick the total quantity of each product for a group of orders. Gone are the days of individual picks for every order – with the Bulk Picking Module, operators can consolidate all picks under a single license plate.

Benefits of the Bulk Picking Module

  • Enhanced Efficiency: By picking products for multiple orders in one go, operators can significantly reduce the time and effort required for picking tasks.
  • Streamlined Workflow: The picked inventory is neatly sorted per order at the packing stage, making the overall process smoother and more organized.

New GS1 Scan Module: Decode and Verify GS1 Labels with Ease

Our second feature, the GS1 Scan Module, empowers operators to scan GS1 labels effortlessly and gain access to all relevant information encoded within them. GS1 labels are commonly used to provide vital data about products, making them essential in today’s supply chain ecosystem. The GS1 Scan Module not only deciphers these labels, but also highlights any errors detected.

Key Features of the GS1 Scan Module

  • Comprehensive Information: Get instant access to detailed product information, including batch numbers, expiration dates, and more, directly from GS1 labels.
  • Error Detection: Identify and rectify any discrepancies or errors in GS1 labels quickly, ensuring data accuracy in your warehouse operations.

New Picking Parameter: “Empty Partially Filled Bins First”

In response to the need for intelligent inventory management, our third feature introduces a new picking parameter – “Empty Partially Filled Bins First.” When activated, this parameter prioritizes partially filled bins during the picking process.

Benefits of the “Empty Partially Filled Bins First” Parameter

  • Optimized Warehouse Space: Ensure that your warehouse space is used efficiently by picking from partially filled bins first, reducing the likelihood of overstocking.
  • Better Inventory Control: Keep your inventory organized and up to date, preventing product expiration and minimizing the risk of misplacement of items.

With these innovative new features, LISA WMS continues to evolve, providing you with the tools you need to stay competitive in the ever-changing world of warehouse management.

Upgrade to the latest version of LISA WMS today and experience how these features can transform your warehouse operations firsthand. Our commitment to innovation means that you can always expect more from LISA WMS as we continue to develop and enhance our software to meet the demands of the modern warehouse.

Contact us today to upgrade to LISA WMS’ latest version or to simply schedule a call our team of warehouse management experts for SAP Business One.

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