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The latest LISA WMS Update 2019.2 is now available, and here are the key highlights of this release:

What’s New With LISA WMS 2019.2 for SAP Business One

  • UDI & DCSCA Configuration + FDA Compliance: LISA WMS can now be configured in UDI or DCSCA, in order to achieve serialized traceability for manufacturers and distributors in the pharmaceuticals and medical devices industry, ensuring compliance with the latest FDA Regulations. Read our article about the new FDA requirements here. 
  • Language Support – Portuguese: Òla! LISA WMS is now available in Portuguese, for the greater benefit of our Brazilian and Portuguese partners and clients. As of today, LISA WMS supports a total of 6 different languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, and Portuguese.
  • Enhanced User Experience – LISA Mobile: This update is part of a larger effort to improve the user interface of our Supply Chain add-ons together, always with efficiency and usability in mind. Most LISA WMS modules are now available in our new responsive UI and are compatible with many scanning devices and mobiles, through Chrome browser.
  • Voice-Picking from Honeywell is Now Available!! This new EXCITING feature, developed in collaboration with partners Honeywell, captures voice commands from warehouse workers allowing them to work both hands-free and eyes-free and eliminating manual data entry for maximum efficiency and accuracy!
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