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Smarter Warehousing within SAP Business One Clients’ Reach

In the overlapping worlds of ecommerce, retail, online marketplaces (such as SAP Ariba), traveling sales teams, electronic data interchange (EDI), etc., stating “Small and medium businesses’ supply chain is under pressure” is clearly an understatement. As if this was not enough, finding, training, and retaining a qualified workforce is a huge challenge across most industries, and smart software solutions (WMS) play a critical role to maintain (and increase) business profitability.

Developed by Honeywell and seamlessly integrated with LISA WMS, this new voice-picking feature is designed to free warehouse operators’ hands and eyes, maximize productivity, and increase accuracy.

No more pick list or handheld scanners!?

While voice-controlled picking may not be for every type of business, speech-enabled, warehouse management software is a game-changer for many businesses. Here is how this innovative technology can help you increase your business’ productivity and profitability:

1. Free your workers’ hands to boost productivity

Two hands are better than one! Equipped with wireless headsets and microphones, pickers can use both hands to work faster and be even more helpful when your inventory consists of heavy or large items.

2. Reduce new employees’ training time up to 45%

Depending on the size of your warehouse or distribution center, newcomers may take months to become efficient in their day-to-day tasks. Voice-directed activities provide guidance to optimize their movements across warehouse locations, without the need of knowing every corner of your building.

Additionally, it goes without saying that most people know how to speak, which is much more intuitive than learning how to fill out paperwork or work with a new bar code scanner, as user-friendly as it can be!

3. Improve your workforce’s safety up by up to 30%

NO SCANNING WHILE DRIVING (a forklift). Voice-picking technology reduces distractions and allows employees to use both hands to safely carry big items while keeping their head up, away from a pick list or handheld device. When employee turnover is high, you can’t afford losing employees to injury!

4. Achieve optimal order fulfillment accuracy

Shipping inaccurate orders is expensive and creates an unnecessary workload. Most of them are easily avoidable by eliminating possible error sources, such as handwritten notes and even manual keyboard entry.

Moreover, the system will guide associates to the right location and verbally confirm that the right item was picked.

For references and more details about Honeywell Voice, you can visit their website here:

Contact our experts to discover if LISA WMS Voice Technology is relevant for your business.

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